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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 
Just after 5am this morning Co. 63 was alerted to the intersection of Rt. 30 and Witmer Rd. for a crash. ELTPD arrived and reported a box truck and a tractor-trailer involved with 1 trapped in the box truck. With this report the box was upgraded to entrapment adding units from 62 (Witmer) and 48 (Ronks). Assistant 63 also arrived and assigned the crews from E631, E633 and Rescue 48 to extrication while the crew from 62 was assigned to begin to mitigate a large diesel fuel spill from the tractor trailer. E411 (Bird in Hand) was also requested to assist. Units worked to quickly extricate the trapped driver who was seriously injured. Units remained on this scene for over 2 hours.

As Engine 633 was clearing the crash they were alerted for a cardiac arrest call on Greenland Dr.

Around 11am Tower 63 was sent to the 300 block of N. Queen St. in the City of Lancaster for a 3 alarm house fire. The tower crew arrived and was assigned RIT. Crew was on scene for about 20 minutes as City Fire had the fire knocked.

Daytime crews also handled a fire alarm, a crash and a public service call for the day so far.

All crash photos by 3rd Alarm Photography

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 
Are you looking for something exciting to do?

Are you interested in helping people?

Do you like hard work?

Can you be part of a team?

Do you have courage under fire?

Are you strong and willing?

if so....


The Lafayette Fire Company is looking for a few good men and women to be firefighters. Firefighting is a pride driven job rich in history and tradition which creates a brotherhood like nothing else out there. Our team members see people at their worse and perform extraordinary work to help them in their time of need. We enter dangerous environments to rescue people, and save property. We serve our community in many different ways at a moments notice and we do it without compensation except for the rewarding feeling of knowing you have made a difference to someone!! We are in need of performance driven team members who have a desire to serve!!

Q: I want to help, but I am not sure I can be a firefighter, what can I do?

A: We need your help too!  In addition to answering fire alarms, our people are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the fire company. We can always use help with the following:

  • Clerical work
  • Fund Raising Activities
  • Station upkeep and maintenance
  • Hall Rental Program
  • Fire Police Officer
  • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance
Interested?  Stop by the fire station at 63 Lafayette Way on a Monday evening for a tour of the facility and an application or hit us up on our Facebook Page and we will get an application to you.

This could be YOU!!!
   This could be YOU!!!
Sunday, August 3, 2014 
Around 2am the box was sounded for the 1000 block of Clark St. in Lancaster Twp. for a building fire. Due to some sort of error during the dispatch, Lafayette units were not alerted to the call. Lancaster Engine 3 arrived first with a working fire in a 3 unit garage building. Securing their own water supply line Engine 3 began an attack. 7 minutes after the initial dispatch Lafayette was finally alerted to the call with Truck 63 hitting the street soon thereafter. On arrival the truckmen began opening up the doors and roof and extended a second handline from city E3. Additional units arrived and assisted with various tasks. 63 units remained on the scene for about 3 hours assisting investigators and overhauling. Greg Leaman Photos

Sunday, July 27, 2014 
After a very busy evening of storm related calls, Around 11pm Tower 63 was sent as part of the first alarm to the 3100 block of E. Newport Rd. in Leacock Twp. for a house fire. The tower was the first arriving truck company and went to work with crews opening the roof and throwing ladders. Crews worked with GSFR (39) crews to open several vent holes while interior crews pulled ceilings to get the bulk of the fire. Due to multiple incidents in the eastern end of the county the mix of personnel on this call was rather unique. At one point 63 crews were working with a crew from Keystone Valley FD in Atglen. Tower 63 remained on the scene for several hours assisting with salvage and overhaul. This was the 8th run of the evening for 63. Others included water rescues, and a minor house fire on Evergreen St. in Bird in Hand. All photos by Leo Photography

Lancaster Newspapers Photo
   Lancaster Newspapers Photo
Sunday, July 27, 2014 
Around 10:30 this morning Co. 63 and the EMS were sent to the 2100 block of Lincoln Highway E. for a crash. During the response units were advised that one of the vehicles fled the scene. Reports soon began to come in that the fleeing vehicle was now involved in a second crash at Rt. 30 and Greenland Rd.  Engine 631 arrived at the second crash to find a vehicle with heavy damage in a parking lot. The driver has fled on foot and multiple police agencies were in pursuit. There was also a small mulch fire from a broken brake rotor that came off of the vehicle. Units secured the vehicle and were on scene for about 20 minutes. The original crash produced 1 minor injury.

Monday, July 14, 2014 
Shortly before 8pm, the first alarm was struck for the building fire at the High Steel Structures complex on Greenfield Rd. Due to it being drill night the 63 units as well as several surrounding units were on the street right away. Initial reports indicated an explosion in the main power panel and active fire in the building. Chief 63 (Hershey) arrived and reported a working fire in Plant #2 with severe electrical arcing occurring. Due to the severity of the arcing and the unknown factors involved with the high voltage electrical equipment the chief ordered that nobody was to enter the building and PPL was requested to make an urgent response. Arriving units established 2 supply lines into the scene and everyone staged until the power was shut off. As the fire grew and crews stood helpless the Chief requested a second alarm anticipating a much larger fire by the time power was cut. Once power was secured crews advanced on the fire with water and dry chemical and had the bulk of the fire knocked down in 15 minutes. Crews remained on scene for about 2 hours ventilating the large structure and overhauling the fire area.

First Alarm: Engines 631, 632, 633, 622, 411, 542 Truck 63 and 204, Rescue 48

Working Fire Assignment: Engine 643, Rescue 50

Second Alarm: Engines 621, 541, 482, Hose 43, Rescue 47, Trucks 50, 66, 5, 67, Air 48

Specialed: Truck 39, Hose 39,

Special thanks to Engine 61-1 (Upper Leacock) and Tower 15 (Ephrata) for covering the 63 house. photo photo
Saturday, July 12, 2014 
Around 4pm today Tower 63 was sent as part of the first alarm to the Bird in Hand Inn for a building fire. Chief 41 arrived with fire showing and requested the 2nd alarm. The tower arrived and was sent to the C side where the crew was requested to open the roof. 41 had the visible fire knocked but there was still fire in the roof area. Crews went to the roof and working beside crews from Truck 204 (MTFR) opened several areas of the roof until all fire was extinguished. The tower crew also provided multiple fans for ventilation. Lt. King staffing the Duty Buggy assisted Command. The tower was on scene for over 2 hours.Thanks to Photo 5 and Makinthehit for the photos

East Lampeter Twp. - Quarterly Drill
Monday, June 30, 2014 
This evening crews from 3 of the township fire companies (Lafayette, Witmer and Bird in Hand) as well as tankers from 43 (Gordonville) and 44 (Intercourse) met at Station 41 for a rural water supply drill. Using a farm property on Miller Ln. in Leacock Twp. crews simulated a barn fire and units set up for fire attack with master streams, handlines and Tower 63. Engine 41-1 was first arriving and laid double 5" supply lines back the driveway. Engine 63-2 (Acting in place of Engine 48-2) was second arriving and began to establish a supply for Tower 63 once they arrived. Engine 633 was directed to establish a fill site on N. Harvest Rd. from the Mill Creek. The initial water supply system used Tanker 41 as a nurse tanker and Engine 62-1 drafting from the Mill Creek in a relay. During the drill the nurse tanker system was changed over to a porta tank system so participants could see both systems in operation. While a majority of fire companies conduct basic rural water operations which result in a fireground flow of 250 to 1000 gallons per minute, the water supply systems used here can easily exceed 2000 gallons per minute which is a more realistic flow rate for a structure fire such as this. The components of the East Lampeter Rural Water systems will be further explained further in the photos on this post. Thank you to Co. 41 for setting up and hosting this drill.

Engine 632 supplies the Tower. E632 only has 2.5
   Engine 632 supplies the Tower. E632 only
      has 2.5" discharges so a dual 5" must be
      used for maximum flow. Tower 63 can flow
      2000 gallons per minute
Engine 633 at fill site. Dual suction hoses are used to pump capacity. A fill site must be able to flow the same GPM as the fire scene to be effective. Engine 633 can flow over 2500 gallons per minute if set up correctly
   Engine 633 at fill site. Dual suction
      hoses are used to pump capacity. A fill
      site must be able to flow the same GPM
      as the fire scene to be effective.
      Engine 633 can flow over 2500 gallons
      per minute if set up correctly
The Brasserie - Annual Fund Raiser
Sunday, June 29, 2014 
It's that time of year folks. The Brasserie Restaurant in Bridgeport is once again graciously holding a benefit event for the Lafayette Fire Company. Come out and enjoy some of their signature dishes and some cold tasty beverages on the famous Brasserie Deck and a portion of the proceeds will go towards our fire company. Each evening a different piece of Lafayette fire apparatus will also be on display so bring the kids too! The event will be held as follows: Monday July 7th - Evening Tuesday July 8th - Evening - Engine 631 on site Wednesday July 9th - Evening - Engine 633 on site Thursday July 10th - Evening - Engine 632 on site Friday July 11th - Evening - Tower 63 on site COME OUT AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY!!! The Brasserie is located in Bridgeport at 1679 Lincoln Highway East. Close to Michigan Ave.

Sunday, June 8, 2014 
Around 4pm today, Co. 63 was sent for a service call at the PA-DOT Maintenance shed on Rt. 30. A neighbor to the site had reported hearing a cat meowing like it was in distress for several hours inside the fence. Chief 63 arrived to find a small kitten down inside a steel tube aprox. 10 feet. Once the rescue/engine arrived crews dug out the bottom of the tube and freed the little critter but we weren't done yet. As the kitten scurried away he ran to another area of the yard where he jumped into another similar type hole. Crews checked it out to discover 7 kittens in this hole trapped. With some help from neighbors with a cage the kittens were rounded up and turned over to the S.P.C.A.......just another day on the east side!

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