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Engine Company Drills
Monday, July 18, 2016 18:30
Engine Company Operations are those where a crew of firefighters riding or assigned to the engine are responsible to get water onto a fire, or water to the scene of a fire. This can be done several different ways based on the location of a fire, the type of building, local water supplies and needed fireground waterflow. This evening crews from Lafayette and Witmer met in the Greenfield Corporate Center to conduct several engine company spot drills. crews staffing 5 engines were sent to various locations to perform basic engine company tasks which included hoseline advancement, leader line advancement, drafting from a static source, hydrant operations and a driving course. The photos attached will detail some of these skills

Crews advance a 3
   Crews advance a 3" leader line and two
      hose "racks"
Flowing the smooth bore nozzles in our hose packs
   Flowing the smooth bore nozzles in our
      hose packs
Friday, July 15, 2016 
This afternoon, Engine 63-3 with a crew of 6 departed Lancaster and headed to Lewes Delaware to provide coverage to the Lewes Fire Dept. On Monday Lewes lost firefighter Tim McClanahan in the line of duty during a training exercise. As is a common practice, their department was placed out of service until after funeral services requiring 24/7 coverage of their large area. FF Mike King, who owns property in Lewes and knows several Lewes firefighters offered our assistance if needed and they accepted the offer. Engine 63-3 covered Lewes Station 2 from 6pm to 6am Saturday. During that time they responded to 2 calls for service both fire alarm calls. Some may ask "why so far away?" and our answer is simple, in the fire service we are all brothers, no matter where we live, work, or respond. And during such a tragic loss we all do whatever is needed to support one an other.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 
Steady rain fell throughout the first-due most of the day but around 5pm the rain got very heavy causing some major flash flooding. The first call received was for the 2100 block of Millstream Rd. where the flooded Mill Creek had surrounded a home and the residents could not get out. Tower 63 and Boat 47 (Paradise) were sent to this call. Before the Tower even got out the door a water rescue assignment was sent to the 2200 block of Lincoln Highway E. Engine 63-1 responded there and found a small car in high water which was running across the highway over one foot deep in some spots halting all traffic on the "strip". The calls kept coming, next was a water rescue near the Red Lobster in the 2000 block of the highway. E63-1 with units from 62, 41, 48 and Boat 39 (Garden Spot) were also sent. This incident had several cars with occupants trapped in water which was several feel deep in some spots. During the rescue efforts a large sinkhole was discovered near one of the vehicles. This incident resulted in the entire Rt. 30 and 462 interchange area being shut down causing major traffic problems in the area. Throughout the night the 63 volunteers and neighboring companies would go on to handle a multitude of calls ranging from fire alarms to flooded basements. Our fire personnel were finally able to return to the station and dry out after 9pm. This is just another example of the dedication of our awesome volunteer personnel as most crews returned to the station soaked to the core, cold, wet and hungry but happy that no lives were lost! We need to thank the following agencies for assistance during the storm: - Witmer FC - Bird in Hand FC - Ronks FC - Manheim Twp. Fire/Rescue - Strasburg FC - Paradise FC - Garden Spot Fire/Rescue - Upper Leacock Twp. Fire Police - Lancaster Twp. Fire Police - East Lampeter Police Dept. - Lancaster EMS

Millstream Rd.
   Millstream Rd.
Rt. 30 @ Oakview Rd.
   Rt. 30 @ Oakview Rd.
Monday, July 4, 2016 
As the Independence Day festivities were well underway this afternoon, Co. 63 and mutual aid were sent to Building 1 on Foal Ct. in the Oakview Estates Apartment Complex. First arriving units found a kitchen fire on the 3rd floor which was mostly extinguished by the occupant. Crews performed some overhaul and ventilation. As this incident was cleared, E63-3 was sent to the Ruby Tuesday on Fruitville Pk. for a working structure fire. On arrival the crew was assigned to pull a handline off of Engine 208 into the building. A fire was burning on the back side of the restaurant in a wall but was quickly contained. Chief 63 was assigned as Division C during the incident.

FF Kuhn pulls a handline
   FF Kuhn pulls a handline
Welcome Home Squad 63-1!
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 
This evening, the new Squad 63-1 was inspected for the last time before coming home, by the Squad Committee. After a final inspection, the squad made the trek from Dauphin County back to its new home here at Station 63. This unit will be in service in the next few weeks due to tool mounting that needs to take place yet. We hope this squad serves our department and community greatly!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 
Around 8PM this evening, Company 63 was dispatched for an accident in the area of Lincoln Highway East and the entrance rampt to Route 30 W. Engine 63-1 arrived to find 2 Vehicles, one in which having confined patients. The crew from engine 63-1 stabilized and removed a door, to remove the confined patients. Engine 63-3 and 62-1 (Witmer) arrived to assist. Units were on scene for about 1 hour.

Sunday, June 26, 2016 
This afternoon, Company 63 was dispatched to the 1900 Block of Lincoln Highway East for a Vehicle Accident - Vehicle Into Structure. Units arrived to find one vehicle on a retaining wall. Crews controlled hazards and stabilization before standing by while the vehicle was removed by a local towing company.

Friday, June 24, 2016 
Around 10AM this morning, Company 63 was dispatched to a Fire Alarm in the 2300 Block of Lincoln Highway East. While responding, units were redirected to a double Burn Victim Call in the Greenfield Industrial Park. Upon further information provided, it was determined to be a sulfuric acid spill, causing the burns to the victims, the incident upgraded to a Hazardous Materials Call sending Haz Mat 2 - Lancaster County Haz Mat. Upon arrival, EMS transported 2 patients and the Hazmat Duty Officer investigated, making sure the spill was cleaned up properly before clearing. Squad 62-1 handled the Alarm while we worked the Hazmat Incident.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 
Around 6am today, Company 63 along with 62 (Witmer), 48 (Ronks), 41 (Bird-In-Hand), 43 (Gordonville), 204 (Eden) were sent to the 2100 Block of Lincoln Hwy East for a hotel fire. Units arrived to find smoke on the 2nd and 3rd levels. After further investigation the smoke was traced back to a malfunction in an elevator room.

Tower 43 on the Charlie Side. Co. 43 Photo.
   Tower 43 on the Charlie Side. Co. 43
Ladders... Ladders... Ladders... Great job Tower Co. 43! Co. 43 Photo.
   Ladders... Ladders... Ladders... Great
      job Tower Co. 43! Co. 43 Photo.
Monday Night Drills at LCPSTC
Monday, June 20, 2016 
This evening, Company 63 got together with our Brothers from Witmer Fire and headed to Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center for some Engine Company Training. Crews ran evolutions, deploying high rise packs and hooking into stand pipe connections. We'd like to thank the members of Station 62 for coming out and refreshing their skills with us.

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