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Class of 2015
Tuesday, May 26, 2015 
The members of Lafayette want to congratulate Junior Firefighter Zach Phillips as he prepares to graduate from the Conestoga Valley High School and the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. Zach was part of the LCCTC Fire Cadet program held at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center. Congrats Zach, we wish you the best of luck in your future!!!

Lancaster County loses a legend
Saturday, May 23, 2015 
Woody Woodward, Lancaster County-wide Communications dispatcher #68, former Lafayette firefighter and current company photographer for the Rohrerstown Fire Co. and Manheim Twp. Fire/Rescue lost a courageous battle with cancer on Saturday. He was 41 years old. Woody began his fire service career in September of 1990 as a firefighter with the Lafayette Fire Company. Woody was very active and had an energetic and positive spirit, often sprinting half a mile to the fire station for calls. He quickly rose up through the basic training requirements to become a great firefighter and an asset to our firefighting force. Woody worked numerous fire scenes on his beloved Truck 6-3 (The 1986 Mack/LTI) including the multi-million dollar blaze that razed the Sight and Sound theatre in 1995. Woody would often tell the story of having to evacuate the roof quickly at this fire and using ground ladders to jump to the different roof levels before finally finding the former Truck 5-7's Mack Aerialscope as a way down. Woody would go on to hold memberships in the Lampeter FC, Lititz FC, East Petersburg FC and Rohrerstown FC. Woody eventually became a professional fire scene photographer and avid fire buff. Woody was a common sight at incidents all over southeastern PA. Woody was also a 911 dispatcher for Lancaster and York Counties. Woody was very good at his job and fire officers always felt a level of comfort and reassurance when Woody was working the radio during a critical job. Woody will be missed by many. Woody leaves behind his wife Gretchen and his son and sidekick Wyatt. Full honors funeral services will be held on Wednesday May 27th 2015 with a visitation from 1pm to 4pm and services beginning at 4pm at the Mellingers Mennonite Church - 1916 Lincoln Highway E. in Lancaster. Interment will follow at the Mellingers Mennonite Cemetery followed by a social gathering at the Lafayette Fire Company - 63 Lafayette Way.

HAZMAT Training
Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Tonight, members completed their annual Hazmat Operations refresher coarse. This is a mandated refresher for all personnel who are active firefighters. Having this refresher keeps our firefighters at top notch while responding to hazardous materials incidents. The coarse includes classroom time, and practical refreshments. Here at Lafayette, we train frequently and put forth many hours to keep the community we serve safe!

Witmer and Lafayette Firefighters perform decontamination
   Witmer and Lafayette Firefighters
      perform decontamination
West Chester Burn Day
Saturday, May 16, 2015 
This morning several of our personnel along with crews from 62 (Witmer), 41 (Bird in Hand) and 5 (Strasburg) headed to West Chester PA to conduct live fire burn training for the day. West Chester Fire Dept. maintains their own class A fire training facility with 2 buildings in which actual class A fires can be lit allowing our personnel to train in the most realistic environment possible. Complete with fire, heat, and smoke crews can see first hand how fire develops in a room and the proper techniques needed to quickly knock an interior fire down while feeling the heat, and seeing the smoke and learning how to determine conditions based on each. Crews began the day extinguishing fires in a first and second floor bedroom then moved to several basement fire scenarios. Basement fires are typically the hottest type of fire to fight because there are limited ventilation paths in a basement and the fact that heat rises makes the move down the stairs one of the hottest places to be in an interior fire. Crews then conducted some RIT scenarios and ended the day doing run-ins where the apparatus and crews would "respond" from down the street and perform just like a real incident. After a long day a tired crew returned to the station by 5pm and had all of the apparatus and equipment back in service by 6pm. We would like to thank Witmer, Bird in Hand and Strasburg for attending this day with us and allowing our people the chance to work together once again. We also need to thank the Smokestown Fire Co. of Denver PA for covering our station for the day.

Monday, April 20, 2015 
This evening while traveling to a water supply drill in Witmer's area, Tower 63's crew discovered a tractor trailer on its side on the property of National Pretzel Co. on Old Philidelphia Pk. The accident had just occurred. The tower radioed for the balance of the company to respond. Crews determined that the driver had self-extricated and worked to stabilize the truck and contain a hydraulic oil leak. The incident was turned back over to the Pretzel Co. and units continued on to the drill. The driver was not injured.

Awards Banquet 2015
Friday, April 17, 2015 
The annual membership appreciation banquet was held this evening at the Revere Tavern in Paradise PA. President Jeff Hatfield served as the MC for the evening's events which began with a happy hour and socialization followed by a wonderful meal. Deputy Chief Keens followed up dinner with the 2015 banquet video and finally the awards ceremonies began. The recipients of awards for 2014 are listed below:

Firefighter of the Year - Mike McLaughlin

Top In-House Training Hours - Captain Jeff Keens

Top Out-of-Station Training Hours - Ethan Moore, Anthony Soccoa and Dalton Kuhn

Chief's Award - Pedro Urena

Top Responder Award - Chief Scott Hershey

5 Year Membership Pins: Nate Church, Sabrina Rodriguez, Theresa Mockler, Lisa Phillips

10 Year Membership Pins: Bob Landis, Jeff Hatfield

25 Year Membership Pin: Scott Hershey

Captain Jeff Keens and FF Mike King were presented the Hurst Rescue Products Green Cross Award for their actions on a motor vehicle accident on Friday March 13th 2015.

The crew of Engine 63-1 received awards and a Unit Citation was presented for their life saving actions on the same accident on Friday March 13th 2015 where a female patient was impaled by a boat trailer during a motor vehicle accident.

Several appreciation awards were also presented.

The evening ended with prizes and dancing. A huge thanks to FF Anthony Soccoa for putting this year's banquet together and to President Hatfield, VP Church and Sam Hershey for helping make the banquet a reality.

Also a big thanks to the Gordonville Fire Co. (43) for covering our station for the evening so we could relax and take a night off.

Crew of E63-1 after receiving unit citation
   Crew of E63-1 after receiving unit
FF McLaughlin receiving Firefighter of the Year from Chief Hershey
   FF McLaughlin receiving Firefighter of
      the Year from Chief Hershey
Thursday, April 16, 2015 
Around 5pm the first alarm box was struck for a house fire on Martin Ln. in the southern end of Strasburg Twp. sending units from 5 (Strasburg), 47 (Paradise), 54 (Lampeter), 48 (Ronks), 59 (Refton) and Tower 63. The smoke column was visible from our station. Due to Co. 5 already being on the street returning from a brush fire, Engine 5-1 was first arriving and reported fire showing from all 4 sides of the house. Tower 63 was the first arriving Truck. The Tower made it's way down the small street and the crew was assigned to throw ladders and assist with opening up. The home was constructed entirely of wood which resulted in numerous hidden pockets of fire after the bulk of the visible fire was knocked down. Tower crews and the crew from E633 were then put to work inside the home opening up walls and ceilings. The 63 units remained on the scene for 2 hours before being released. Chief 63 (Hershey) served as the Operations Officer.

FF Soccoa and FF Phillips
   FF Soccoa and FF Phillips
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 
Around 5:30pm today the first alarm was struck for a fire in the Rodeway Inn in the 2300 block of Lincoln Highway E. in the hotel district sending units from 63, 62 (Witmer), 41 (Bird in Hand), 48 (Ronks), 20 (Manheim Twp.) and 5 (Strasburg) as well as EMS. Chief 63 was advised on response of several 911 calls coming in. Chief 67 (Dommel) was in the area and arrived reporting a working fire. The Working Fire DIspatch was then requested.  Engine 411 and 633 arrived simultaneously with 411 hitting the hydrant while 633 took the B side and advanced handlines. E204 picked up 411's line at the plug. Additional lines were also advanced off of E622 to the second floor. Crews from Rescue 48 conducted the primary search which proved negative. With the potential for fire spread to the second floor and cockloft a 2nd alarm was requested. The fire was knocked down quickly and it was determined that the building was constructed of concrete which held the fire to the room of origin with no possibility for extension prompting a majority of the 2nd alarm companies to be quickly released. Units from 63 and 62 remained on scene for several hours overhauling and assisting investigators. Thanks to Co. 43 (Gordonville) for covering our station:


1st Alarm:

E633, E622, E411, E204, Truck 63, Truck 5, Rescue 48

WFD (Working Fire Dispatch)

E643 (RIT), Rescue 50 (RIT), Squad 631, Squad 621

2nd Alarm:

E621, E482, E542, Rescue 5, Rescue 47, Rescue 61, Air 48, Truck 31, Truck 39, Truck 50, Truck 66 (RIT)


Tanker 41, Squad 411, Squad 412,

Quarterly Township Drill
Monday, March 30, 2015 
This evening the 4 township fire companies met at Station 62 in Downtown Witmer to participate in Vehicle Rescue Training. The drill began with all personnel reviewing all of the rescue equipment carried on each rig. Crews than split up between 5 vehicles and began to practice extrication skills. This type of drill in beneficial because between our Engine 1, Witmer's Engine 1, Engine 482, Squad 481 and Rescue 48 there is a vast array of portable and hydraulic rescue tools that can be used in any type of situation. As the use of automatic and mutual aid becomes more popular in the area any one of our firefighters could be needed to operate any of this equipment during an incident. Thanks to Co. 62 for hosting this drill

FF Long using the Hurst cutter from 63
   FF Long using the Hurst cutter from 63
Engine 482's tool staging area
   Engine 482's tool staging area
Friday, March 13, 2015 
Around 5:45 am this morning Co. 63 and EMS were sent to the area of the 2000 block of Lincoln Highway E. (US30) for a crash. During the response additional information was provided that the crash would be behind Witmer's Garage on Hobson Rd. Chief 63 arrived and reported a single vehicle crash at the dead end of Hobson Rd. with a female driver entrapped in the car and impaled by the main structural member of a boat trailer. The steel tubular boat trailer had penetrated the engine compartment passing through the fire wall, through the driver's abdomen, and through the seat. The Chief requested a full rescue box sending units from 62 (Witmer) and 48 (Ronks). Deputy 63 (Keens) arrived and assumed the command. Over the next hour, Fire, EMS and Police personnel worked feverishly but delicately to stabilize the vehicle and the trailer and extricate the driver.  Around 7am the driver was extricated from the car with a piece of the trailer still impaled and transported to a local trauma center. Crews remained on scene until around 7:30 cleaning up. Lafayette, Witmer, Ronks firefighters, Lancaster EMS personnel and East Lampeter Police officers all worked in excellent coordination to effect a positive outcome for this critical and very unusual incident.

WGAL Story
Lancaster Online Story
WGAL 8 - photo
   WGAL 8 - photo
WGAL Photo - Notice the boat trailer position
   WGAL Photo - Notice the boat trailer
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