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RIT Academy 101
Thursday, February 26, 2015 
Over the past week, Lafayette has graciously been given the use of the former Wonderland Cinema building for use for training before it is demolished next week. Beginning Saturday crews have been at the site every night sharpening their skills. Monday evening crews from Lafayette, Witmer and Bird in Hand worked on RIT evolutions and wall breaching. Wednesday Lafayette, Witmer and Ronks conducted firefighter survival drills and a RIT evolution with a firefighter who had "fallen" through the floor complete with the crews having to cut iron bars and a chain link fence. For the Survival evolution crews working in complete darkness had to breach walls and navigate through multiple obstacles to "evacuate" the building. Crews on the site have also been doing plenty of roof work practicing ventilation roof cuts. This evening crews from Lafayette and Lampeter are at the site. This is valuable training as Lafayette is a part of a Metro Lancaster area RIT group and Ronks provides first due RIT services to several jurisdictions. A huge THANK YOU to the staff of Dutch Wonderland for allowing us this valuable training!

Crews assemble outside of the building
   Crews assemble outside of the building
63 crew forces iron bars with a rotary saw
   63 crew forces iron bars with a rotary
Sunday, February 15, 2015 
Around 2:45pm today Tower 63 was sent as part of the first alarm to the 2300 block of Leaman Rd. for a mobile home fire. Deputy 54 (Lampeter) was first to arrive and reported a working fire. First arriving Engine 48-2 deployed several handlines with assistance from 54 personnel while truck crews from 63 and 5 opened up. Crews were able to make a stop on the fire despite the strong wind and frigid temperatures. Engine 633 responded on the second alarm and their crew was held in staging. Unit were on scene for about 2 hours

Conditions on arrival (Samantha Hershey photo)
   Conditions on arrival (Samantha Hershey
Samantha Hershey photo
   Samantha Hershey photo
2014 Operational Report
Sunday, February 1, 2015 
Chief Scott Hershey has released the Operational Report for 2014. Some highlights of the report are below:

For 2014 Lafayette had 540 Emergency calls.

368 calls in East Lampeter Twp.

108 calls in Lancaster Twp.

16 calls in West Lampeter Twp.

48 calls were Mutual Aid

There was $345,000.00 dollars worth of fire damage in our area in 2014

Firefighters saved $247.75 Million dollars worth of property

FIrefighters spent 3341.5 hours training in 2014

Unit Responses were as follows:

Engine 631 - 181

Engine 632 - 22

Engine 633 - 236

Tower 63 - 156

Squad 631 - 90

These numbers reflect actual responses made by each unit.

Top 5 Responders for 2014

Scott Hershey - 320

David Keens - 292

Bob Landis - 276

John Long - 264

Dylan Leed - 234

Volunteer Non-Emergency Hours - 1491

Total Hours in service 287.48

We thank everyone who participated and contributed to our fire company in 2014 and we look forward to serving you in 2015

2015 Chili Cookoff
Sunday, January 25, 2015 
This evening, a crew gathered and headed to the The Table Church for their annual chili cook off. The night included judging of the muliple chilis. We'd like to thank the Church for the invite and we were glad we could be part of another years cook off! The food was fantastic!

Thursday, January 8, 2015 
Just around 11pm Tower 63 was sent as part of the first alarm to Skyline Manufacturing on Horseshoe Rd. in Co. 61's (Upper Leacock) first due for a building fire. First arriving units were reporting a fully involved modular home inside the large structure. Tower 63 arrived and the crew was assigned to the D side to open up overhead doors and assist with ventilation. Additional resources were then requested sending E631 and E633 to the scene as well. On arrival the crew from E631 went to work on the B side forcing doors and ventilating overhead doors while E633's crew was assigned to locate and control the sprinkler system once the fire was knocked down. Crews remained on scene for several hours assisting with ventilation and overhaul. Thank you to Co. 54 (Lampeter) for covering our station while we were out.

Conditions on arrival - 3rd Alarm Photo
   Conditions on arrival - 3rd Alarm Photo
E631 crew (FF McLaughlin, AC Phillips and FF Church) open overhead doors - Frank Robinson Photo
   E631 crew (FF McLaughlin, AC Phillips
      and FF Church) open overhead doors -
      Frank Robinson Photo
2015 Officers
Monday, January 5, 2015 
The member section of this site has been updated to reflect the officers for 2015.

3rd Alarm Photography Photo
   3rd Alarm Photography Photo
Sunday, January 4, 2015 
This afternoon, crews from 63, 62 (Witmer), 41 (Bird In Hand), and 48 (Ronks) were sent to the Smoketown Airport for a furnace fire in one of the hangers. Just after returning and cleaning up from the incident the tones were struck again, to the same location for a small fire in the same area of the building. Units were on scene for about 5 hours total between both calls. Company 63 has handled 9 calls for service in the last 48 hours.

Foam Refresher
Saturday, December 13, 2014 
This morning the crew once again set out to conduct some basic foam level training. Unlike our attempt 2 weeks ago, this morning we actually made it to the training site and were able to have several members complete their Level Book foam sign offs. Since Lafayette is part of the Foam Task Force each member who achieves their interior firefighter level is required to demonstrate proficiency in basic foam handline operations. This morning each team of 2 firefighters were required to set up a basic 1 3/4" foam line with an in-line educator and get foam flowing. Once this was completed the group was shown the differences between an attack appliance, a medium expansion appliance and the high expansion system. Crews also used various eductors and appliances from E632 and Foam 63. The following firefighters completed their Foam Level 1 requirements this morning:

FF Wickenheiser, FF Kuhn, FF Leed, FF Soccoa, FF Gee

A medium expansion device - used for vapor suppression
   A medium expansion device - used for
      vapor suppression
The Foam Wagon
   The Foam Wagon
Weekly Drill Night - RIT
Monday, December 8, 2014 
This evening the crew gathered to refresh on some basic RIT skills. Crews were given a classroom presentation by the Chief on calling and managing a mayday then everyone suited up to practice the basic removal of a downed firefighter in limited visibility conditions. Over the next few weeks the RIT training will be expanded upon as we continue to strive to keep our personnel well versed on the RIT concept.

For those who are not familiar with RIT, RIT stands for Rapid Intervention Team. On a working fire incident the incident commander is responsible for assigning a crew as the RIT. This crew is typically from a special service company (Rescue or Truck) and their sole purpose on the fireground is to prepare and to rescue any firefighter in distress. Lafayette is part of a group of several fire departments around the City of Lancaster including the City Fire Bureau called Metro RIT. This group works together to provide RIT services to each other and to attempt to standardize the RIT process in the City and suburbs.

FF Leed and Church perform a rescue
   FF Leed and Church perform a rescue
A rescue drag
   A rescue drag
Thursday, December 4, 2014 
Just before 5am this morning Co. 63 was alerted to US 30 at Oakview Rd. for a crash involving a tractor-trailer. Multiple 911 calls were being received. Chief 63 (Hershey) arrived to find a fully loaded tractor-trailer into several utility poles with severe damage as well as a second truck and 2 passenger vehicles involved. Although it initially appeared as if the truck was on fire the Chief was quickly able to determine that it was just smoke and steam from the hot engine. An East Lampeter Police Officer who was close to the scene had pulled the truck driver from the wreckage for fear of fire being involved. Additional assistance was requested and responding units and personnel worked for several hours containing a fuel spill, offloading the truck's cargo of several thousand pounds of corn seeds, as well as establishing and operating several major roadway detours around this busy area. Around 2pm the truck was finally able to be removed from the scene and additional hazardous materials mitigation could take place. As of this post (9:00pm) the roadway was still partially closed due to the utility companies working to reconstruct traffic lights and electrical service. Below is a list of agencies involved in this morning's incident:

  • Lafayette Fire Co.
  • Witmer Fire Co.
  • Bird in Hand Fire Co.
  • Ronks Fire Co.
  • Lancaster County Hazardous Materials Unit
  • Lancaster County Fire Police Task Force
  • White Horse Fire Police
  • Caernarvon Fire Police
  • Garden Spot Fire Police
  • East Lampeter Twp. Public Works Dept.
  • PPL Utilities
  • Telco
  • Dalton's Towing and Recovery
  • East Lampeter Twp. Police
  • PA State Police
  • Lancaster EMS
  • Flagger Force
  • 3rd Alarm Photography
Also a HUGE thanks to the following companies for providing refreshments for the personnel working the scene:

  • McDonalds
  • Red Lobster
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Chick-Fil-A

Frank Robinson Photo
   Frank Robinson Photo
Frank Robinson Photo
   Frank Robinson Photo
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